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11 November 2009

Immigration Act In the name of his Mejesty King Bhumibol
Enacted on the 24Th of February B.E. 2522 The 34Th year of the present reign
Wherease it is deemed proper to revise the Law on immigration

Section 1 : This Act shall be called the “ Immigration Act, B.E. 2522 ”

Section 2 : This Act shall be enforced after the lose of ninety days from the date of its publication in the Government Gazette.

Section 3 : Immigration Acts :
1. B.E. 2493 ( 1950 )
2. B.E. 2497 ( 1954 – NO.2 )

Shall be repealed
In lieu all others laws , regulations , or rules witch are provided for in this

Act or contradictory hereto or inconsistent herewith , the provision of this Act shall be applied.

Section 4 : In this Act :
“ Alien” means any person who is not of Thai nationality under the nationality Act.
“ Conveyance” means any vehicle or beast of burden or any other object(s) which may be used in conveying persons from one place to another.
“ Owner of Conveyance ” includes an agent of the owner , a person renting, an agent if the person renting , possessor , or an agent of the possessor of the conveyance , as the case may be.
“ Person in charge of conveyance” means the master of the vessel or person responsible for the control of the conveyance.
“ Crew of conveyance” means the person who has a function , duty , or work in the conveyance , and in the interest of this Act , it includes the person in charge of conveyance driving the conveyance without a crew.
“ passenger ” means any person other than the person in charge , or the crew of conveyance
“ Immigrant ” means any alien who enters the Kingdom.
“ Immigration Doctor ” means any doctor appointed by the Director General to carry out the provisions of this Act.
“ House Master ” means any persons who is the chief possessor of a house , whether in the capacity of owner , tenant , or in any other capacity whatsoever , in accordance with the law on people act.
“ Dwelling Place ” means any place used for habitation such as a house shed , boat or floating house which human beings inhabit .It also includes the precinct of the place used for habitation , whether it be enclosed or not , in accordance with the Panel Code.
“ Hotel ” means any place built for remuneration for travelers or persons who wish to look for a place to stay or rest for a period of time , in accordance with the law on the hotels.
“ Commission ” means The Immigration Commission.
“ Competent Official ” means any officer appointed by the Minister to carry out a function in conformity with this Act.
“ Director ” means Director General of the Police Department.
“ Minister ” means the Minister in charge of this Act.

Section 5 : The Minister of Interior shall be in charge and have control for the executive of this Act and shall have power to appoint competent officials , and Issue Minister Regulations ; to fix fees and other expense not exceeding rates annexed to this Act and to fix other activities for the execution of this Act.

Such Ministerial Regulations shall become effective after having been published in the government Gazette.

Chapter 1
immigration Commission

Section 6 : The immigration Commission will consist of the Under Secretary of the Minister of Interior as
Chairman and the following members :
- Under Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Director general , Police Department
- Director General , labor Department
- Director General , public Prosecution Department
- Secretary General , Board of Investment Committee
- Secretary General , National Security Council
- Director , Tourist Organization of Thailand
- Commander of Immigration Division as member and secretary

Section 7 : The Immigration Commission shall have power and duty to :
1. Revoke permission for temporary stay in the Kingdom under Section 36 Para 1.
2. Consider and appeal under Section 36 Para 2.
3. Permit aliens to enter into and assume residence in the Kingdom under Section 41 Para1
4. Fix qualifications of any aliens asking to take up residence in the Kingdom ;and to fix
conditions pertaining to the national security ; and to fix other conditions under Section 41 Para 2.
5. Fix Regulations for residence applications of aliens temporarily entering into the Kingdom
under section 41 Para 4.
6. Permit aliens to enter into and take up residence on the Kingdom under Section 43 Para 1
and to fix regulations for display of the aliens financial status under Section 43 Para 2.
7. Permit the aliens , who is authorized to stay in the Kingdom temporarily , to take up residence
; and to permit and fix conditions in rendering permission to the alien who has applied for taking up
residence in the Kingdom to remain in the Kingdom for the tome being under Section 45 Para 1 and 2.
8. Give order to revoke permission for taking up residence in the Kingdom under Section 47
Para 3.
9. Permit aliens , who have a residence in the kingdom , to continue that residence in the
Kingdom under Section 51 Para 1.
10. Consider revocation of a residence permit under permit under Section 53.
11. Give advice , suggestions and view to the Minister on establishing standard operating
procedures for local official and for other officials , regarding national security , as well as issuance of
Ministerial Regulations under this Act.
12. Consider and give opinions on immigration matters as assigned by the cabinet or by the

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