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(1) To summon any person to give facts or opinions relating to the land allocation and to furnish documentary evidence or other relevant items for consideration of the Committee.

(2) To enter any place or land of public bodies, public or private organizations to examine anything relating to the land allocation, to make inquiries, to call for documentary evidence or other relevant items from persons in such place or land as considered necessary. In performing these duties, convenience shall be given to the Committee and the competent officials as deemed expedient.

Section 23. In performing duties under this Code, the competent officials and the officers of public bodies who are entitled to the same powers and duties as the competent officials under Section 21 shall have and present the document evidencing the identification to concerned persons.

Section 24. The competent officials and officers who perform duties under this Code shall be deemed as the public officers under the Penal Code.

Section 25.16 For the purpose of the land allocation and examination of fertility of soil, the Committee may make arrangement for land survey.

When it deems expedient to carry out land survey in any locality, the Committee shall publish in the Government Gazette an announcement designating such locality as the area under survey and such announcement shall be put up at the District Office and the house of Sub-District Headman in the Sub-District being under the land survey. A map showing the area under survey shall be annexed to the said announcement. This map shall be treated as a part of the announcement.

Section 26. Within the area under survey under Section 25, any person holding land rights or possessing land shall have the following duties:

(1) to notify the competent officials of the locality where the his/her land is situated within the time period specified by the provincial Governor in accordance with the forms and procedures as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations. In this case, other person is permitted to notify in lieu thereof;

(2) to accompany or arrange other person to accompany the competent officials in order to show such officials the boundaries of land under his/her possession or in which he/she has land rights after receiving a notice from the competent officials for a reasonable period of time;

(3) to affix his/her signature in order to certify the land survey performed by competent officials based on the actual results of such survey. In case of arranging other person to show the boundaries, such person shall certify the land survey by signing his/her name in lieu thereof.

Section 27. Apart from the land which is allocated by official authorities or public organizations in accordance with other laws, the Director-General shall have power to allocate the domaine public of State that is free from possessory right for people’s habitation and livelihood in accordance with regulations, requirements, rules, and conditions determined by the Committee, including the matters as follow:

(1) the amount of land to be apportioned for possession;

(2) rules for inspecting and selecting persons to become possessors;

(3) practices recommended to be followed by the possessors;

(4) rules in connection with the compensation for the capital that has been invested in the land and certain fees levied;

(5) activities necessary for the land allocation.

Regulations, requirements, rules, and conditions of the Committee shall be published in the Government Gazette.

Section 27 bis.17 In a case where the person taking possession and making use of the land or anyone taking possession and making use of the land in continuation thereof files a request, prior to the enforcement date of this Announcement of Revolutionary Council,  to extend the time required for claiming the possession as prescribed by the Act Promulgating the Land Code, B.E. 2497 (1954) while no order from the provincial Governor has been given, the provincial Governor shall consider this matter and give an order without delay provided that the person taking possession and making use of land is not deprived of his/her rights to be exercised in accordance with Section 27 ter. under this Code.

Section 27 ter.18 Upon the notification of the provincial Governor specifying the locality and the commencement date of the survey under paragraph two of Section 58, any person who takes possession and makes use of the land prior to the enforcement date of this Code without document of land rights and fails to claim his/her possession as prescribed in Section 5 of the Act Promulgating the Land Code, B.E. 2497 (1954) or any person who waits for the order of extension from the provincial Governor under Section 27 bis. but his/her taking possession and making use of such land has continued up to the date of survey or inspection wishes to have the land rights, such person shall notify the land officer of his/her possession at the Land Office of the locality in which such land is situated within thirty days from the date of notification. In case of the person's failure to do so, although the person may arrange for other person to take the competent officials to conduct the survey on the date and time as notified by the competent officials, it is deemed that such person has the intention to acquire the land rights.

For the purpose of this Section, persons taking possession and making use of the land under paragraph one shall include anyone taking possession and making use of the land in continuation thereof as well.

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16. Section 25 has been amended by the Announcement of the Revolutionary Council, No. 334, dated 13th December B.E. 2515 (1972).

17. Section 27 bis. has been added by the Announcement of the Revolutionary Council, No. 96, dated 29th February B.E. 2515 (1972).

18. Section 27 ter. has been amended by the Act Amending the Land Code (No. 4), B.E. 2528 (1985).

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