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CURRENT ISSUES Volume 18 Jan-Jun / Issue 1


2016 Issue 1 (Spring)

The Introduction of Trademark Dilution: The Review of Dilution Concept in ASEAN   Sathita Wimonkunarak
Thai Criminal Law and Internet Copyrights Alexander Shytov
The Thai Government’s Response to Human Trafficking: Areas of Strength and Suggestions for Improvement (Part1) Cristina Liebolt
Anti-Camcording in Movie Theaters Chadaporn Ninlakarn
Carbon Tax and Aviation Industry Pakasit Rodpaeng
2014 Issue 1 (Spring)

Protecting Vulnerable Children in Thailand   Ian Werrett
Agenda Setting on Mobile Roaming Rate Control to Promote ASEAN Integration Chatchai
The Application of the Death Penalty for Drug-Related Crimes in Vietnam: Law, Policy, and Practice Mr. Hai Thanh
Copyright exceptions for research, study and libraries in Thailand: What should be developed and reformed in order to improve the copyright protection regime?
Dr. Noppanun Supasiripongchai



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