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22 January 2010

(A.D. 1941)


Authorized Official Translation

(by notification of the President of the Assembly of the
People's Representatives dated 4th August B.E. 2480)

Whereas the Assembly of the People's Representatives
has passed a resolution that it is deemed expedient to revise
the laws relating to forest matters, so as to be more appro-
priate to prevailing conditions,
Beit, therefore, enacted by His Majesty the King, by and with theadvice and consent of the Assembly of the
People's Representatives, as follows:

SECTION 1. This Act shall be called the "Forest Act,
B.E. 2484 (A.D. 1941)."

SECTION 2. This Act shall come into force on and from
the 1st January B.E. 2485 (A.D. 1942).

SECTION 3. The following laws and regulations shall be repealed:
(1) Royal Proclamation: Duty on Teak and Other Timber Species, S.E. 1236.
(2) Royal Proclamation: The Sale of Teak, S.E. 1246.
(3) Royal Proclamation: Teak, S.E. 1249.
(4) Supplementary Royal Proclamation: Teak, S.E. 1249.
(5) Forest Act: Teak Logs Which Bear Defaced Hammer Marks, R.E. 115 (A.D. 1896).
(6) Forest Protection Act, R.E. 116 (A.D. 1897).
(7) Teak Trees Protection Act, R.E. 116 (A.D. 1897).
(8) Act for Evention of Illegal Marking of Timber, R.E. 117 (A.D. 1898).
(9) Act for Evention of Hauling of Teak on which the Royalty and Duty has not Paid, R.E. 118 (A.D. 1899).
(10) Regulations of the Ministry of Interior: Drifted Timber, R.E. 119 (A.D. 1900 ).
(11) Regulations: Special Permission to Utilize Teak Free of Royalty for Construction of Office Building and
Other Public Purposes, R.E. 119 (A.D. 1900).
(12) Forest Protection Act, B.E. 2456 (A.D. 1913).
(13) Rules and Regulations issued under Forest Protection Act, B.E. 2456 (A.D. 1913).
(14) Rules and Regulations for the Collection of Forest Products: Collection of Bee-Hives, B.E. 2464 (A.D. 1921).
(15) Rules and Regulations for the Tapping of Forest products: Takien Trees Resin in Pattani County, B.E. 2465
(A.D. 1922).
(16) Rules and Regulations for the Tapping of Forest Products: Yang Trees Oil, B.E. 2465 (A.D. 1922).
(17) Inland Duty Amendment Act, B.E. 2470 (A.D. 1927) with reference to Section 4. (a) and (b) only.
(18) Forest Protection Act, (No.2) B.E. 2479 (A.D. 1936).
(19) Pine Resin Tapping Control Act, B.E. 2480 (A.D. 1937).
(20) All other laws, regulations and rules, in so far as their contents are governed by this Act or are contrary
to or inconsistent with the provisions of this Act.

SECTION 4. In this Act;

(1) "forest" means land which has not been taken up or acquired by any other means under the Land Law;
(2) 1 "timber" means teak and all other kinds of wood which are trees, brushwood, creepers, and also includes
imported timber into the Kingdom, all kinds of bamboos, palms andrattans as well as other roots, burrs, stumps, tops and branches of which whethercut or not, logged, sawn, split, adzed or stripped, dug out or altered in any other way;
(3) 2 "conversion" means do any way, as follows:
(a) sawn, chopped, split, or changed in any form other than debarking and dressing, to the extent necessary
for hauling, so as to change the timber from its original size;
(b) burnt, kilned, crushed or altered in any form other than changing or dressing up for holding implements or
by product of the timber.

4 (4) 3 "lumber" means converted timber, but excludes timber of the character of a structure or utensil as long as
it may have such character.

Timber which has had the character of a structure or utensil, the possessor being able to substantiate that it has
had such character for at least two years for other timber species than teak and five years for teak, shall not be
deemed to be lumber;

(5) 4 "logging" means cutting, chopping, girdling, felling, lopping, sawing, splitting, hewing,reducing,
digging out, hauling or howsoever bringing out of timber.

The foresaid logging applies to teak and yang which grow on landnot inthe forest or the bringing out of teak and yang
timber growing on the land therefrom;

(6) "drifted timber" means trees, logs, posts, stakes, squares, piles, or planks from reserved timber species and
drifted without control;
(7) 5 "forest products" means all things that naturally exist in the forest; things which originate from, or are
found in the forest by nature:
(a) timber and all parts thereof, charcoal, wood oil, resin and all other things derived from trees or
(b) all kinds of plants, mushrooms and things derived therefrom;
(c) birds' nests, lac, bee-hives, honey, bees-wax and guano;
(d)rock, minerals which arenot prescribed in accordance with the Law on Mining and also includes charcoal
which is man-made.
(8) "firewood" means timber having the characteristic and quality more suitable to be used as fuel than for any
other purposes;
(9) "hauling" means moving the timber or forest products from place to place by power of force;
(10) "movement" means hauling or in any way causing the timber or forest products to be moved from its original site;

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