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SECTION 72. (ter), Whoever acts in contravention of the provisions of Section 54, shall be penalized with a fine not exceeding fifty thousand baht, or with imprisonment not exceeding five years, or both.

In cases where theoffender clears any forest land exceeding twentyfive rai under this Section, shall be penalized with a fine oftenthousand to one hundred thousand baht, or with imprisonment of two years to fifteen years.

In cases where the Court has decided a final judgement in reference to the offence for which the prosecution has
been instituted under this Section, if it appears that such person occupying or possessing a forest land. The Court is empowered to order the eviction of his employees, representatives, and dependents of the offender from such forest land.

SECTION 73.39 Whoever acts in contravention of the provisions of Sections 11, 12, 13, 31 or 48, shall be penalized with a fine not exceeding fifty thousand baht, or with imprisonment not exceeding five years, or both.
In offences under this Section, if the timber in their possession, as follows:
(1) teak, yang or reserved timber species Category (B); or
(2) other timber species in the form of trunks or logs or each of them or both, exceeding twenty trunks or logs or
of a combined volume exceeding four cubic meters or of lumber exceeding two cubic meters in volume.

The offender shall be punished with imprisonment of one year to twenty years and with a fine of five thousand to two
hundred thousand baht.

SECTION 73. (bis), Whoever acts in contravention of the provisions of Section 53.(bis), or the licensee in this Act infringes on or fails to comply within the specified conditions oradditionalterms as imposed by the Minister under Section 58, shall be penalized with imprisonment not exceeding of six months to five years and with a fine of five
thousand to fifty thousand baht.

SECTION 74.40 The timber or forest products acquired or possessed in violation of this Act and having in utensils,
implements or other articles made of reserved timber species acquired through a commission of an offence under the
provisions of Section 53.(ter), shall be confiscated.

SECTION 74. (bis), All tools, implements, beasts of burden, vehicles or heavy equipment used in, oracquired
through a commission of an offence under theprovisions of Sections11, 48, 54,or 69, shall be confiscatedregardless
ofwhether theybelong tothe offender, and such person is convicted.

SECTION 74.(ter), The Director-General or the competent officer of not less than the Provincial Forest Officer in
level or the Chief of Forest Check Point, shall have the powerto settle the case with respect to the offences under
this Act.

SECTION 74.(quater), In cases where whoever conducts the offender in this Act, the Public Prosecutor shall request to Court, and the Court is empowered to order payment of the cost of the reward to any conducted person not exceeding one-half of the confiscated amount from paying a fine to the Court, if the offender does not pay or otherwise pay in full oftheconfiscated amount, the reward shall be paid from saleexhibit, or if it does not have sufficient amount in paying, the reward shall be dismissed.

In case of the conducted person has more than one, the reward shall be paid equally after the case is in the final


SECTION 75. The Minister of Agriculture shall take charge and control of the execution of this Act and is
empowered to appoint the competent officers and fixed the rates of fees not to exceed the rate in the Schedule
Annexed to this Act and issued the ministerial regulations for the execution of this Act.

Such ministerial regulations shall come into force upon their publication in the Government Gazette.


SECTION 76. All concessions and licenses for logging orcollecting forestproducts whichhave been issued on the dateof enforcement of this Act shall be valid up to the time limitspecifiedtherein, as if such concessions and licenses have been issued under the provisions of this Act.

SECTION 77. All private marking hammers officially registered and their fees paid prior to the enforcement of
this Act may continue to be used for another period of one hundred and twenty days from the date of which this Act comes into force. If an ownerdesires to continue the use of his private marking hammers after theexpiration of the said period he has to renew registration of the same, in accordance with the provisions of this Act without payment of any further registration fee.

P. Pibulsonggram
President of the Council of Ministers

[Ref.: Government Gazette, Volume 58, Part 73, dated 15 October B.E. 2484 (A.D. 1941)]

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