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Thailand the food act translation has been gracious, provided with the authorization of Food and Drug Administration Chaninat and Leeds a lawfirm specializing in FDA procedures in Thailand have made this translation web-friendly.


10 March 2011

(Unofficial Translation)

FOOD ACT B.E. 2522

Given on the 8th day of (ay B.E. 2522
Being the 34th year of the Present Reign

Authorized UnOfficial Translation

By Royal Command of Ills Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej it. Is hereby proclaimed that:

Whereas It is deemed expedient to revise the aw on Food Quality Control:

His Majesty the King, by end with the advice and consent of the Constituent Assembly In Its capacity as Parliament. Is graciously pleased enact en Act as follows:

SECTION 1. This Act. shall be called the ‘Food Act B.E. 2522.”

SECTION 2. This Act shell come into force on end from the day following Its publication in the Government Gazette.

SECTION 3. The following shell be repeal:
(1) Food Quality Control Act 8.!. 2507
(2) Announcement of the Revolutionary Party Ko.4Q, dated IS January B.E. 2515
All other Iaws, rules and regulations Insofar as they are provided for herein or are contrary to or conflict let with the provisions of this Act are superseded hereby.

SECTION 4. In this Act:
“Food” means edible Items end those which sustain life:
(1) Substance con be eat, drunk, sucked or gotten in to the body either by mouth or by other means, no netter in whet for., but not including medicine, psychotropic substances, narcotic under the low as the case may be.
(2) Substance intended for use or to be used as ingredients In the production of food Including food additive, colouring netter and flavouring:

‘Controlled foods’ means foods pub ii shed In the Government Gazette by the Minister as the quality or standard control food;

‘Food recipe’ means list of substance which is used as Ingredients In the production of food In a specified content;

‘Container’ means any object used as a receptacle for piecing, packaging or any other method;

‘label’ Includes any figure, Invented design or text shown on the food, food container or package;

‘Produce’ means to make, mix, transform end includes repacking;

‘sale” includes to distribute or exchange as veil as to have in e possession for the purpose of sale;

“Import’ means to bring Into the kingdom;

‘Export’ means to sell outside the kingdom;

“Factory’ means rectory under the factory law set up for the production of food;

“Licensee” means person who received license License under the Act, in the case of juristic person receiving the Licensee, shall Include the person that the Juristic entity has appointed to operate business;

‘Authority’ means the Secretary General of the Food and Drug Administration; or a person authorized by him.

‘Commission’ mean Food Com.lss Ion;

‘Competent officer’ mean persons appointed by the Minister to carry out the provisions of this Act;

‘Minister’ means the Minister in charge of this Act.

SECTION 5. The Minister of Public, Health shall be in charge of the execution of this act and shall be empowered to appoint competent officers, promulgate Ministerial Regulations, specifying the fees not exceeding the maximum fee specified In this act exempting the payment of fees or set other activities An order to carry out the provisions of this Act.

Ministerial Regulations end notification after published in the Government Gazette shall come Into effect.

SECTION 6. In the Interests of controlling food, the Minister shell be empowered to publish in the Government Gazette.
(1) prescribing controlled foods.
(2) prescribing quality or standard of controlled food by reference to the name, class, kind, or nature of food produced for sale, Import, for sale or sale Including principle, conditions end methods of production for sale, import for sale or sale;
(3) prescribing quality or standard of food other then controlled food prescribed under (I) with or without the principle, conditions end methods of production for sale, Import for sale or sale;
(4) prescribing the proportion of ingredients used In the production of food by reference to the name, class, kind or nature of food produced for sale, Imported for sale or sale, Including the use of colouring metter and flavouring;
(5) prescribing the principle, conditions and methods of using preservatives and methods of preserving, admixture or colouring or other netter In food produced for sale, Imported for sale or sale
(6) prescribing the quality or standard of container and use of container Including the prohibition to use any packaging materiel s a container of food;
(7) prescribing the ,methods of production. tools and utensils used In the production and preservation of food In order to prevent the food produced for sale, imported for sale or sale from becoming impure food under this Act;
(8) prescribing food. which is prohibited to be produced. Import or sole;
(9) prescribing the principle conditions and methods of inspection ion, storage, seizure. end method of analysis of food including reference documents;
(10) prescribing the class end, kind of food produced for sale, imported for sale or sale which required labels, the texts on the labels, conditions end the display of the labels end also the principle and method of advertising on the labels.

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