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Section 32. The licensee shall display the following details at an open and conspicuous place at the sanatorium:
           (1) the name of the sanatorium;
           (2) the details of the practitioners on medicine, nursery, midwifery, dentistry, pharmacy or the practitioners who practice in that sanatorium;
           (3) the rate of medical treatment, service charge and the right of patient which the sanatorium must exhibit under section 33 paragraph one.

The display of the details under paragraph one shall be in accordance with the rules, procedure and conditions prescribed in the Ministerial Regulation.

Section 33. The Minister, with the advice &f the Committee, shall have the power to issue a Notification prescribing types or categories of medical treatment, other services of a sanatorium or the rights of the patient which a  licensee must display under section 32(3).

No licensee shall demand or give a consent for a demand of medical treatment fee or other service charges other than those displayed. The services shall be served in accordance with the rights of the patient displayed.

Section 34. The manager shall have the duties and responsibilities as follows:

  1. to control and supervise the practitioners in the sanatorium not to practice in the branch level or plan other than those the licensee has notified In the application of license, or allow any person who is not a practioner to practice in the sanatorium;
  2. to control and supervise the practitioners in the sanatorium to perform their duties under the law on medical practice, the law on medicine practice, the law on nursery and midwifery practice, the law on dentistry practice or the law on pharmacy practice, as the case may be.
  3. to control and supervise not to accept over-night patient in a number larger than that of beds specified in the license, except in the emergency case that the refusal shall cause danger to the patient;

           (4 ) to control and supervise the sanatorium to be clean, tidy, safe and possesses appropriate qualifications for a sanatorium.

Section 35. The licensee and the manager shall have the joint duties and responsibilities as follows:

  1. to provide for the practitioners in the sanatorium in the branch and number as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulation during the office hours;
  2. to provide for the equipment, instrument, drugs and medical product necessary for the sanatorium in the type prescribed in the Ministerial Regulation;
  3. to provide for and report the evidences concerning the practioner in the sanatorium and patients and other documents concerning the medical treatment under the rules, procedure and conditions prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations which shall be available In the condition suitable for the review for the period not shorter than five years from the date of preparation;
  4.  to control and supervise the sanatorium business to be in accordance with the standard of services prescribed by the Minister under section 15.

Section 36. The licensee and the manager shall have charge and control for the medical care of patient who is in the injury condition and need immediately medical treatment in order to release him from danger in accordance with the standard of practice relating to the type of such sanatorium.

After the medical treatment under paragraph one, if it is necessary to transfer the patient or it is the aspiration of the patient to be treated in any other sanatorium, the licensee and the manager shall provide for the transfer thereof as appropriately.

Section 37. The licensee and the manager shall control and supervise for the non utilization or non allowance of any person the utilization of the sanatorium for the wrong type of business or services as prescribed in the license.

Section 38. No licensee or manager shall advertise, notify or allow any person to advertise or notify any name, location or business of the sanatorium or the qualification or capability of the persons who practice in the sanatorium in order to invite customer by a statement which is false or exaggerated or may cause the materially misunderstanding in the business of the sanatorium.

The grantor may issue a Notification prescribing the rules, procedure or conditions for the advertisement under paragraph one.

Section 39. In the case there is any advertisement or notice which violate section 38, the grantor shall have the power to issue written order demanding the person who advertises or notifies to cease the said performance.

Section 40. In the case where the licensee, for the purpose of the operation of a sanatorium business, want to modify the sanatorium business from that specified in the license or construct a new building or modify the building other than the limit specified in the Ministerial Regulation, he shall be authorized to do only when he has received a permission from the grantor.

The application for and granting of permission shall be in accordance with the rules, procedure and conditions prescribed in the Ministerial Regulation.

Section 41. In the case where the licensee want to move the sanatorium to any other places, the processes shall be proceeded in the same manner as those provided for the new application.

Section 42. Any licensee who wishes to change any of the practitioners in his sanatorium under section 18(4) shall inform the grantor within thirty days form the date of the change.

Section 43. Subject to section 18(5), the change of the sanatorium name shall made only upon the permission of the grantor.

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