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The Thailand Law Forum welcomes submissions of articles by students, professors, judges and practitioners.

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Thailand Law Journal
2008 Spring (Issue 1) Volume 11


Is the New C2C transaction secure enough for its Users?

Thiti Susaoraj

In this important contribution to the field of international law by Thai Scholar and Judge Trainee Thiti Susaoraj, the dynamics fraud arising from online auction and new payment intermediary systems are analyzed and possible solutions proposed.
Analysis on the situatiion of the refugee camps from the rule of law aspect
Burma Lawyers' Council
Based on 8 months of research and interviews, the Burma Lawyers Council examines the failings of administrative systems within the refugee camps near Thailand's border with Burma.  Problems with the judicial process are also addressed which they conclude results from the overlapping of authority between judiciaries, the lack of knowledge and experience of members of the judiciaries and a lack of direction from Thai authorities.
Homicide- Provocation and Extreme Emotional Disturbance: The US and Thai Approach: A Comparative Study
Kanok Jullamon
In a comparative study of the US and Thai Legal Systems, Kanok Jullamon analyzes the factors which constitute "provocation" or a circumstance which could cloud the reason and/or excite the emotions of a person inspiring them to commit manslaughter.  Statute and case law are considered to highlight the different ways provocation is defined in theory and practice in the two legal systems.

The Proposal of Voluntary Bankruptcy for Individual Debtors in Thailand


Kanok Jullamon

Thailand does not currently have a scheme of voluntary bankruptcy for individual debtors and petitions for bankruptcy may only be filed if a creditor or creditors file a petition against the debtor.  This article examines the advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of voluntary bankruptcy in Thailand from a comparative law perspective.

The Political Economy Of CompetitioN Law: The Case Of Thailand

Deunden Nikomborirak

This article examines the political and economic background of Thailand’ national competition law and provides a historical perspective on the development of such law. The article also examines the obstacles that have occurred in implementing Thailand competition law and provides recommendation for making the enforcement of competition law in Thailand more effective. This article is published with the kind permission of Deunden Nikomborirak and the Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business. This article originally appeared of the Vol.26 No.3 Spring 2006 edition of theNorthwestern Journal of International Law and Business.

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