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Commercial Registration Department Regulation
No. 102 B.E. 2549

According to the 13 March 1995 Commercial Registration Department Regulation No. 1/2538, "Rules of the Commercial Registration Department on Partnership and Company Registration", any person registering a partnership or limited company will submit the application form with the documents specified in the Annex.

By virtue of the provisions in Clause 3, Section 3 of the Ministerial Regulation establishing the Commercial Registration Department whereby the Registrar can prescribe rules and procedures pertaining to the Registration of Partnerships and Limited Companies, the Registrar hereby stipulates the rules and procedures for partnerships and limited companies.

In the case of the registration of a partnership or limited company in which non-Thai citizen shareholders hold 40% or more of the shares, or in cases where non-Thai citizens hold less than 40% of the shares but a non-Thai citizen acts as the authorized director, all Thai shareholders must submit evidence of their source of capital along with their registration. One of the following documents must be submitted showing evidence of an amount of capital equivalent to the amount of capital that is being invested:

(1) Copy of a bank book or bank statements retroactive for 6 months, or

(2) A document issued a bank certifying the financial status of the shareholders, or

(3) Copy of evidence showing the source of money for investment.

The Regulation was issued on 20 July 2006. It will go into effect on 15 August 2006.



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