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19 July 2011

Government Gazette

Issue 127(2010)

Amendments to the Child Adoption Act, (No.3) B.E.2553

1. The following provisions shall be added in Child Adoption Act, B.E. 2522:

Section 5/1: A child adoption in a foreign country being a member of the Convention on Child Protection and Co-operation on International Adopted Child Legitimation which is certified by the organization having the respective power in such particular country that the aforementioned is not contradictory to or inconsistent with the law or peace and order or good morality of the general public, shall be deemed to be a child adoption under this Act.

Section 18/1: No person shall use a deceitful or threatening means, commit an act of violence, exercise a power of domination immorally or use any means against one’s will or act as an intermediary in pandering by giving a wage or a consideration or any other undue benefit in order to acquire the consent on a child adoption.

Section 31/1: In the case where a child adopter is desirous of dissolving a child adoption and if the adopted child is not reach the age of 20, such child adopter shall notify the competent official to take actions in solving the problem and developing the basic relations and shall go into the remedial process of advices in accordance with the rules and procedures prescribed under the Ministerial Regulation.

In the case of a child adoption dissolution, if the adopted child is not reach the age of 20 and that such child was used to be under the custody of an institution for child welfare during the course of the child adoption registration or has no parents nor guardian to no longer look after and provide care, the competent official shall take steps of actions to have the child provided with assistances or welfare protections in accordance with the Law Governing Child Protection which, in this respect, the child adopter resolving to dissolve the child adoption shall still have the duties to pay maintenance expenses in providing assistances and cares and educations to the child as reasonable and within his ability until the child reaches the age of 20 and shall continue to cover the payment of expenses in providing supports and assistances if the child is a cripple or disable person who cannot earn a living to support himself even after he reaches the age of 20.



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